Blindfold Challenge Experience(Companion Post)

Just a quick note, this is a compainon post to my youtube video Patrick Blindfold Challenge-

Alright, Now onto the Experience-

I have to say, it was pretty weird not seeing what you are drawing, then having a good laugh at the end when you take off the blindfold, however I will preface this with I HAD done this before, with my sister and this was also the second time I had to record it because I forgot to flip my webcam so I would not be upside down to you guys. So yes, I had been through this before. So now I can properly begin the post.

First things first, the first person I saw do this was Baylee over at Baylee Jae. I think it was her Elsa challenge. Anyway I think I copped out a little bit choosing such a simple character, but none the less it was fun, there is not much else to say so I will leave off with a little note about the planner inserts-

They will not be released until The 22nd, just had to push them back for personal reasons.



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